Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What Happened in San Diego last week?

I just returned from attending the Republican Western States Leadership Conference in San Diego. We spent three days learning the most up to date information on Terrorism and the Nuclear threat, fundraising, using new technology to get the message out and fundraise, the views of various Republican Presidential Candidates, and a number of other things that are still packed away on the notes in my suitcase.

Various thoughts....Arnold Swarzenegger, while amusing and amazingly smooth for 60, (botox? Maybe he uses weights to 'pull' the wrinkles out of his face) is not what most people think of as a conservative, however, he gets kudos from his fellow Republican State Assemblymen for reaching across the aisle and working to reach solutions on California State's issues.

J.D. Hayworth is one of the most enigmatic speakers I have ever heard, and his previous work as a right back coupled with his size makes him the Congressman I would have been most afraid of if he were across the table from me as a Democrat...Be looking for J.D. and what he does next because I am sure he will be successful at it.

Michael Steele losing the Senate race in Maryland is a huge loss for Republicans all over this country. This man is smart, compassionate, and we are very lucky to have him running GOPAC and looking for bullpen candidates for the Republicans' future.

Barbara Alby, California's State Committeewoman to the NRC is sharp, welcoming, and did a heck of a job putting this conference together. I missed her "just a few housekeeping items" she gave us after each day once the conference was over...Barbara, will you adopt me?

Rich Galen was my favorite. It appears Rich, like me, watches "The Office" on his IPod when he flies...if only I'd managed to sit next to him on a flight we could giggle ourselves all the way to our destination...but Rich...what happened to Fred's representation at this conference?

It appears this conference was the first of its kind. It was not hugely attended...my husband and I were there from WA along with our State Committeeman, Stuart and his wife were from OR, I met a few people including Peter from AZ, and there was a fairly large contingent from HI including Ms. Adrienne, my fellow attorney. I hope they do this again the next Presidential cycle, if not earlier, and it might be a good idea to rotate around to all of the western states so we can all take a turn hosting and hopefully, enjoying the tourism that comes with it.

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