Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lib Media Begins the "Hate" part of its Love/Hate Relationship with McCain

You gotta love this. The old gray lady, as she was known when she was the queen of the print machine, the New York Times, runs a story insinuating that John McCain and a lobbyist had an "improper" relationship when he ran for President....the FIRST time. That's right. Let's sit on a story for nine years and call it research time.

What's fascinating to me is that the NYT endorsed McCain in the primary because of his integrity and principles. Apparently they think slinking around with another woman while you are married is a hallmark of integrity. Either that, or they KNEW IT WASN'T TRUE BUT RAN A STORY WITH ANONYMOUS ALLEGATIONS AGAINST A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE WITHOUT ANY CORROBORATION, AND, THE STORY IS NINE YEARS OLD. Phew, the lack of integrity in journalism these days is getting exhausting.

The kicker in this? I was not a McCain supporter. I am still angry with him for all of the policy differences I have stated earlier. But today, I considered, yes considered, sending the campaign money. It was a maternal reaction to my party's lead candidate being railroaded by a story that would not make the cut for journalistic standards at a junior high school paper. I am hearing at this hour, that McCain's campaign reports that this story has garnered this same kind of support for him today and it's bringing in money...I am not alone! (I have yet to send a penny, still just considering...)

Now, if you're really a conspiracy theorist you might think that McCain's people pushed for this story to leak for just this reason...right-wingers like me detest the liberal leaning mainstream media so we would believe the NYT had malicious intent in printing this, and my initial reaction today might be just what McCain's people wanted to shepherd the conservative masses his way. I think though, that this is even too contrived for modern day Washington politics. (Or, as it turns out, New York politics...) I think the NYT has lost its way, and has never fully rebounded from its debacles over the years that have brought it crumbling down toward National Enquirer level, (although, the NE does sometimes get things right...) My thoughts are that this story belongs in the same box as CBS and Dan Rather's National Guard story. And then, it should be burned.

Senator McCain? If you did nothing wrong, move forward, point this out for what it is and you and Cindy can pity the left wingers who salivated over this story this morning. If you did do something wrong? Get out of the race now. It will never get better, more will come out, and it is indeed a sign of a lack of integrity. Cindy, either way, God Bless you and keep smiling, there is a tougher road ahead.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Congress needs a playpen

Dear Nancy Pelosi,

QUIT WASTING OUR TAX DOLLARS. I certainly hope your grandchildren are better behaved than you are. The U.S. Senate, even in the midst of hearings on steroid use in Major League baseball, (which they shouldn't be involved in...) managed to pass a FISA bill. You and your minions in the House decide to play games a pre-schooler would delight in..."Let's demand a cookie before we pick up our toys..." it's your job to vote on this bill. It's not new, it's been around a long time, and sure since 9/11 we have had changes. Some people don't like those changes, and some of those people are in the House, fine, DEBATE AND VOTE. Isn't that what we pay you people to do? Tell the people what you don't like and why and work it...get it done, however it needs to be done.

This ridiculous position you are taking demanding Harriet Myers to testify about the U.S. Attorney firings has nothing to do with FISA and is an exercise in futility. U.S. Attorneys serve at the pleasure of the President and you know it, you are just trying to make mountains out of specks of dust. (No, I don't even see the slightest molehill.) So now, I am looking at the Republican House members assembling on the Capitol steps to protest your protest and all I want to do is go to Wal-Mart (yes, WAL-MART...) and buy a carton of pacifiers to send to you folks so you can have "time-out" to think about what you've done wrong and make the decision to come out and do what you are supposed to be doing.

It's called the "people's business." And, we pay you to do it. GET TO WORK!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Washington State Caucuses

Wow. It's been quite a day. Today I led my caucus in electing delegates to our county convention and turned in my caucus members' preferences for President for the Republican party. I am pleased to report that most, if not all, of my caucus participants were first time participants, and they were interested, curious, and anxious to have their voices heard. While so much apathy in the Republican party is reported, I saw none today. We had grass roots activism for everyone from McCain to Romney (who officially suspended his campaign this week) Huckabee and was a fantastic day to be an American citizen and to be a Republican and see independent minded people coming together to find common ground, have their ideas heard, and participate in the democratic process.

I am listening to Barack Obama right now in Virginia giving his victory speech for his wins in Louisiana, Nebraska and Washington. Did you know he is wiping the floor with Senator Clinton? Now, I am no Obama supporter. He is a wonderful speaker and he is even now poking fun at his critics that take issue with him over his perpetual hope with no actual policies to back it up. There is nothing wrong with hope. Without it, most of us would not get through the day. This, however, is not sufficient to get us through a war, staggering economy, faltering social security policies and everything else we face. He tells us that it is not blind hope, and for that I give him credit for moving forward on this platform and kicking Hillary's behind with it. Yet, while I do not agree with his policies of universal health care, (hey, wasn't that Hillary's idea?), pulling out of Iraq and "changing the mindset that got us into war in the first place"...(sorry Barack, still TOO naive for my taste...) I am heartened that many democrats and left leaning independents are pulling away from the tired old Clinton machine.

Just do not forget...for all his uplifting rhetoric, if there are not sound, firm policies that can be implemented on day one, we all suffer for the hope we desire that comes unaccompanied by actual policy that a country can be run on. But, I digress...what about those Republicans? Well, McCain is still the frontrunner, but I am so awestruck by the results here in Washington State with McCain being taken out by Mike Huckabee. As I write there are 37% of the precincts reporting and Huckabee is up by 4% with Ron Paul pulling in 11%. (Paul has a HUGE grassroots effort here...) This, as we are often told, is a BLUE state. Huckabee should not be anywhere near the percentage lead he currently has, yet, there it is. I have already spoken about the left's efforts to leave the Clinton machine, perhaps Republicans here in Washington are pushing against the Republican machine of putting the "inevitable" old guy whose turn it is to serve in place in the White House.

At any rate, democracy is alive, people's voices are being heard, and it is a healthy thing. Elections should not be predictable. As candidates are heard more and more from place to place it should be a logical thing that people change their minds, make up their minds, and perhaps in some cases, move forcibly against a frontrunner they do not agree with. This is a wonderful thing, and it should be embraced.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mitt, we hardly knew ya...

So, as I sit here and watch Mitt Romney suspend his bid for President, I cannot help but wonder what has happened to the conservative movement. It's not just a "base", but a movement of people who want limited government, lower taxes, freedom to pursue their own goals, safety for ourselves and our children, judges who interpret a law's constitutionality, and a strong military to defend us and our interests abroad.

Now, some of you will say that John McCain wants those things too, and he is saying so, but his record often does not support that. BUT, now is no longer the time to harp on those things, but to look forward to what he can do for our country in the future. We in the conservative movement must remind him of the principles he says are at his core. We must hold his feet to the fire. Should we fail, we may end up with a President with but one issue we have in common, (national security against Militant Islamists) and the rest of the landscape looking like a democrat is in the White House.

Anyone out there not ready to give up on barraging him with questions about his record? Don't worry, the dirty laundry will come out in the debates with the democratic nominee, never fear. The only difference here is that the dirty laundry is not an affair while married, cheating on taxes, hiring illegals, (they tried that one on Mitt) but actual policies that will or at least could impact McCain's ability to be a good Republican President.

So, as the planet warms and cools in cycles, (yes, I don't think man is all to blame for the melting of the ice caps, just ask those woolly mammoths..) the conservative movement ebbs and flows. We are still here, we will not be quiet, and we will not give up. But, we can see the writing on the wall, and it simply redefines our job for us. We may not be on top, but it is our calling to continue to educate, persuade, and rally around our principles to remind people of what they are, why they are important, and why moving too far in the other direction would be bad for our country, our families, and our future.

Mitt understood this. To divide the Republican party any longer made it easier for Obama or Clinton to win. This is not, and never was about ego, but what is best for the nation. Mitt, I salute you, and look forward to seeing you in the future. I know you're not going away, and neither are we.