Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lib Media Begins the "Hate" part of its Love/Hate Relationship with McCain

You gotta love this. The old gray lady, as she was known when she was the queen of the print machine, the New York Times, runs a story insinuating that John McCain and a lobbyist had an "improper" relationship when he ran for President....the FIRST time. That's right. Let's sit on a story for nine years and call it research time.

What's fascinating to me is that the NYT endorsed McCain in the primary because of his integrity and principles. Apparently they think slinking around with another woman while you are married is a hallmark of integrity. Either that, or they KNEW IT WASN'T TRUE BUT RAN A STORY WITH ANONYMOUS ALLEGATIONS AGAINST A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE WITHOUT ANY CORROBORATION, AND, THE STORY IS NINE YEARS OLD. Phew, the lack of integrity in journalism these days is getting exhausting.

The kicker in this? I was not a McCain supporter. I am still angry with him for all of the policy differences I have stated earlier. But today, I considered, yes considered, sending the campaign money. It was a maternal reaction to my party's lead candidate being railroaded by a story that would not make the cut for journalistic standards at a junior high school paper. I am hearing at this hour, that McCain's campaign reports that this story has garnered this same kind of support for him today and it's bringing in money...I am not alone! (I have yet to send a penny, still just considering...)

Now, if you're really a conspiracy theorist you might think that McCain's people pushed for this story to leak for just this reason...right-wingers like me detest the liberal leaning mainstream media so we would believe the NYT had malicious intent in printing this, and my initial reaction today might be just what McCain's people wanted to shepherd the conservative masses his way. I think though, that this is even too contrived for modern day Washington politics. (Or, as it turns out, New York politics...) I think the NYT has lost its way, and has never fully rebounded from its debacles over the years that have brought it crumbling down toward National Enquirer level, (although, the NE does sometimes get things right...) My thoughts are that this story belongs in the same box as CBS and Dan Rather's National Guard story. And then, it should be burned.

Senator McCain? If you did nothing wrong, move forward, point this out for what it is and you and Cindy can pity the left wingers who salivated over this story this morning. If you did do something wrong? Get out of the race now. It will never get better, more will come out, and it is indeed a sign of a lack of integrity. Cindy, either way, God Bless you and keep smiling, there is a tougher road ahead.

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