Tuesday, March 4, 2008

McCain's In....

Tonight I watch as my party is handed its nominee for President by Ohio, Vermont, Texas and Rhode Island. John...practice losing the teleprompter. Huckabee's off the cuff verbal skills nearly killed you tonight when comparing his concession speech to your acceptance. It's not the words, your speechwriters are top notch, it's the looking at the teleprompter. Even George has managed to get away from that after 8 years, your years in the Senate I would have hoped had prepared you for this.

It's important because you have conservatives to convince, and liberals to defeat, and knowing what's in your heart is crucial to our understanding about how you will lead. You said the right things tonight, you're humble, thankful, and understand that you're not destined to lead, (as someone on the other side of the fence might think she is....) but I just hope you can tell me that without me being so keenly aware you're reading it to me, and not just telling me what's deep in your soul.

So, is Obamamamaman finally starting to slip? Is the polish being peeled away so we can see the layers underneath? I've got to tell you, Hillary scares me, but Barack's hope is far more frightening because, well, it doesn't seem to be based on anything! So, let her have her victory, their war is becoming far more fun to watch at this point anyway.

I will be back soon, sorry so brief this evening, but I am trying to recover from the plague that has hit the country. I'll be back soon, in fighting spirit, and hope to see you all again soon!

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