Friday, March 21, 2008

A Good Friday message

With all of the turmoil in the world and the various hardships that some of us face it can be hard to remember the big picture. On this Good Friday I hope that everyone can take a moment to remember the great sacrifice that was made on our behalf and ponder what it means for us.

Falling behind on a mortgage, losing a job, devaluation of a stock portfolio, lack of food for our family...these struggles can consume us, engulf us, and send us into a state of despair. By remembering what God sent us in the gift of his son, and Jesus's sacrifice so that we may have eternal life with the Father, is the antidote for this despair and the salvation we seek.

Not everyone that reads this may be a Christian so I know that there are different points of view on what I write, but being that this is Good Friday it is an important day in Christian lives, and I am compelled to share my thoughts. Be thankful, be open to the message and the miracles, and with faith in Him, all things are possible. Cast off the doubt of tomorrow and use the gifts God gave you to better yourself and the lives of your family, for today, we celebrate the gift of all gifts, the sacrifice that changed the world. God Bless.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Thanks Eliot...

Eliot Spitzer. Wow. I am constantly amazed at the hypocrisy of public officials who institute policy for the rest of us, and continue to do whatever they want, whenver they want. People can make mistakes, heaven knows we're all imperfect. But, when a former Attorney General and current Governor allegedly hooks himself up (did I say that?) with a prositution ring it's just absolute stupidity and narcissism that has to be behind such acts. I sit here and look at his beautiful wife on tv and hope she is strong enough to go through this, protect her daughters where she can, and if she desires, take him for everything he's got. People that do these things do not learn unless they're hurt, and my suspicions are that Mr. Spitzer has enjoyed being on top (did I say that too?) for too long and thought he was untouchable by his family and the law.

Prove him wrong. Press forward. Do not look at this as just "a personal matter." It wasn't when Bill did it and it isn't here, because it gives us a peek at his psyche, how he understands himself in the real world, and Eliot sees himself as above everyone else. Shall we wait for a sexual addiction defense to his actions? Oh, now his public statement states he doesn't think politics is about individuals but policies...who carries out the policies? People do, and if you can't trust them, if they have no personal integrity, politics is just a sham and we the people should no longer trust the office or the processes that place people in those offices.

'Tis the political season folks...stand by for more.

Special Olympics victory!

Just a plug for my daughter's Special Olympics basketball team who won the gold medal in Wenatchee at the State Games March 2. It was a fabulous event and the team was pumped and unstoppable! I urge all of you to look into supporting your local Special Olympics program as this is a fantastic program for disabled athletes to be able to compete, stay active, and achieve personal and team goals they would not otherwise be able to even participate in.

Go Bainbridge Island Golden Eagles!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

McCain's In....

Tonight I watch as my party is handed its nominee for President by Ohio, Vermont, Texas and Rhode Island. John...practice losing the teleprompter. Huckabee's off the cuff verbal skills nearly killed you tonight when comparing his concession speech to your acceptance. It's not the words, your speechwriters are top notch, it's the looking at the teleprompter. Even George has managed to get away from that after 8 years, your years in the Senate I would have hoped had prepared you for this.

It's important because you have conservatives to convince, and liberals to defeat, and knowing what's in your heart is crucial to our understanding about how you will lead. You said the right things tonight, you're humble, thankful, and understand that you're not destined to lead, (as someone on the other side of the fence might think she is....) but I just hope you can tell me that without me being so keenly aware you're reading it to me, and not just telling me what's deep in your soul.

So, is Obamamamaman finally starting to slip? Is the polish being peeled away so we can see the layers underneath? I've got to tell you, Hillary scares me, but Barack's hope is far more frightening because, well, it doesn't seem to be based on anything! So, let her have her victory, their war is becoming far more fun to watch at this point anyway.

I will be back soon, sorry so brief this evening, but I am trying to recover from the plague that has hit the country. I'll be back soon, in fighting spirit, and hope to see you all again soon!