Monday, March 10, 2008

Thanks Eliot...

Eliot Spitzer. Wow. I am constantly amazed at the hypocrisy of public officials who institute policy for the rest of us, and continue to do whatever they want, whenver they want. People can make mistakes, heaven knows we're all imperfect. But, when a former Attorney General and current Governor allegedly hooks himself up (did I say that?) with a prositution ring it's just absolute stupidity and narcissism that has to be behind such acts. I sit here and look at his beautiful wife on tv and hope she is strong enough to go through this, protect her daughters where she can, and if she desires, take him for everything he's got. People that do these things do not learn unless they're hurt, and my suspicions are that Mr. Spitzer has enjoyed being on top (did I say that too?) for too long and thought he was untouchable by his family and the law.

Prove him wrong. Press forward. Do not look at this as just "a personal matter." It wasn't when Bill did it and it isn't here, because it gives us a peek at his psyche, how he understands himself in the real world, and Eliot sees himself as above everyone else. Shall we wait for a sexual addiction defense to his actions? Oh, now his public statement states he doesn't think politics is about individuals but policies...who carries out the policies? People do, and if you can't trust them, if they have no personal integrity, politics is just a sham and we the people should no longer trust the office or the processes that place people in those offices.

'Tis the political season folks...stand by for more.

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