Thursday, February 7, 2008

Mitt, we hardly knew ya...

So, as I sit here and watch Mitt Romney suspend his bid for President, I cannot help but wonder what has happened to the conservative movement. It's not just a "base", but a movement of people who want limited government, lower taxes, freedom to pursue their own goals, safety for ourselves and our children, judges who interpret a law's constitutionality, and a strong military to defend us and our interests abroad.

Now, some of you will say that John McCain wants those things too, and he is saying so, but his record often does not support that. BUT, now is no longer the time to harp on those things, but to look forward to what he can do for our country in the future. We in the conservative movement must remind him of the principles he says are at his core. We must hold his feet to the fire. Should we fail, we may end up with a President with but one issue we have in common, (national security against Militant Islamists) and the rest of the landscape looking like a democrat is in the White House.

Anyone out there not ready to give up on barraging him with questions about his record? Don't worry, the dirty laundry will come out in the debates with the democratic nominee, never fear. The only difference here is that the dirty laundry is not an affair while married, cheating on taxes, hiring illegals, (they tried that one on Mitt) but actual policies that will or at least could impact McCain's ability to be a good Republican President.

So, as the planet warms and cools in cycles, (yes, I don't think man is all to blame for the melting of the ice caps, just ask those woolly mammoths..) the conservative movement ebbs and flows. We are still here, we will not be quiet, and we will not give up. But, we can see the writing on the wall, and it simply redefines our job for us. We may not be on top, but it is our calling to continue to educate, persuade, and rally around our principles to remind people of what they are, why they are important, and why moving too far in the other direction would be bad for our country, our families, and our future.

Mitt understood this. To divide the Republican party any longer made it easier for Obama or Clinton to win. This is not, and never was about ego, but what is best for the nation. Mitt, I salute you, and look forward to seeing you in the future. I know you're not going away, and neither are we.

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