Thursday, October 4, 2007

Congress wastes time again

I'm a taxpayer. You're a taxpayer. What on earth is the U.S. Congress doing wasting time to take formal action to denounce Rush Limbaugh talking about "phony soldiers?" It just goes to prove that the libs at don't pay enough attention to Rush before condemning him. If you do the research, you will find that there are a few soldiers out there who have come out against the war, who never served "in it." THESE are the people Rush was talking about. His phrase, his definition.

In contrast, we saw some members of Congress take action against the moveon folks and their paid ad in the NYTimes asking the question whether General Petraeus was General "betrayus?" The ad spoke for itself. The context was in black and white in the NYTimes. It posed a question, did not make a statement of fact, but the implication was that some people out there would consider the general a betrayer of the American people. All that saw it were free to draw their own conclusion, but it was clear the persons placing the ad had an opinion on the answer to the question.

Personally, and legally speaking...I think they were both "political speech" falling under the protections of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. I have a bias to both the conservative, and the military, so I think the Petraeus incident was in incredibly bad taste considering the man's actual testimony (some bad, some good with regard to what's happening in the hot zones of the war) and his distinguished military record. I think the libs are trying too hard to make Rush fall within the same category as Rush was consistent within his own definition of what "phony soldiers" were, those that condemn his statements just did not take the time to find out what they were talking about. And, in using their media, which they do rather well, they are forcing the issue of what they want people to think Rush meant, not what he actually meant.

I am hoping that those members in support of this action to condemn Rush Limbaugh are not in favor of supporting and propping up any member of the military who lies about his or her service and their experiences while serving. THAT was the meat of what Rush was saying; those that do so are not credible.

We're all out here paying you congressional members to DO SOMETHING, and this just isn't it.

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