Thursday, May 29, 2008

Washington State Republican Convention

Coming to you from Spokane...I just checked in for the state convention. Rumor has it that Ron Paul's folks are planning something big and judging by all the "Ron Paul Revolution" marked cars I saw on my way here from the western half of the state I'd say we're in for a rolicking ride.

Don't get me wrong...some of Ron Paul's ideas aren't far from my own. I consider myself pro-life, tough on illegal immigration, (and it is illegal not undocumented), adamant about the individual right to bear arms protected under the Second Amendment, and a few other areas, but the isolationist anti-war position Paul takes I believe is completely unrealistic in the current "world community" we live in.

I heard Senator McCain today on Michael Medved's show. It was a fairly planned interview I think as Michael appeared to have set questions and there seemed to be an allotted time for the interview that allowed the Senator to give detailed, yet brief answers. McCain has it right on two extremely important topics; judges and the war.

I became politically active after 9/11 when I realized how vulnerable we were as a nation and how much people want to kill us. As I held my baby daughter in my bed and watched the World Trade Towers crumble I vowed to her and my other daughters that I would do what I could to assure they did not grow up in a world where they had to fear leaving the house, going to school, or any other public place, at least in our own country. Senator McCain understands the threat we face in this area and I believe is adamant about fighting this threat to ensure that this country continues to be the land of the free.

He has it right on judges too. One of the few places a President can really impact social policies in this country is to appoint judges that lean one way or another. I don't mean Republican or Democratic, although that might have something to do with it in the end, but I mean their judicial philosophy. There are judges who look at the facts before them, decide what a fair outcome would be, then tailor their opinion using existing law, no matter how loosely it fits the facts at hand, and crafts an opinion that tries to connect the law to the facts so that the desired outcome is met. This is judicial activism, or as some call it, "legislating from the bench."

Other judges, recognize their job is to review the facts, then the law, make a secure fit, and declare, (in the case of the Supreme Court), whether or not the issue at hand is Constitutional or not. They don't try to make it fit....Justices Alito, Thomas, Scalia and Roberts are our current Supreme Court Justices that fit this mold, and if you read the Constitution you will find that this model is what the framers and ratifiers of the Constitution had in mind.

As Republicans, we are all here together to nominate our State's nominees for office, and we should be putting our differences away to support the presumptive nominee for President, Senator John McCain. Do I agree with him on everything? Absolutely not. But I can see where our values meet and travel down the same road, and as a conservative within the party, I look forward to communicating with him and his staff to remind him of what conservatives stand for, and to ask him for support.

He's our nominee folks. I appreciate all the enthusiasm that comes from other corners, but please don't disrupt the business we are all here to do.

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