Tuesday, June 3, 2008

John v. Messiah Obama

So now it's pretty much official. Did you catch Hillary's non-concession speech? Obama says it's "our time"...yup, it is, but not for his people. (no, that's not a racist comment, it's partisan...) Oh, he's got them on their feet..."this is the time..." to, "remake this great nation?" I agree it's pretty great, but I don't think it needs remaking, it's government that needs remaking. It's so great that Obama was able to learn these fantastic oratory skills from Reverend Wright during the time he was Obama's spiritual advisor, but what substance does Obama give us, that he can actually deliver?

This man will grow the government and raise our taxes. He will pull us out of a war that will leave the middle east in an even more precarious position in the world that will greatly decrease our security here at home. Does anyone remember terror training camps? Did you see the videos? Yes we all want the war to be over because no one wants any more young people killed, but God Bless them for volunteering to do this dangerous job to protect our interests, security and FREEDOM. McCain, I believe, will have a far more safer strategy to end the war in a fashion that will not further subject us to increased terror acts. And taxes? McCain wants me and my family to be able to keep more of our money so we can use it in the marketplace, either spending or creating jobs, and that's exactly what we will do with it if we have it...

So, think carefully. This is really no choice. I have no problems with new folks coming in with new ideas but not when they include higher taxes and knee jerk withdrawals from a war zone...it's all too important to try to "change" things at this point.

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