Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Devil's in Denver

So, have you heard the talk about Obama being the devil? Amusing and interesting to ponder, like UFOs, but I'm not a subscriber. The emotion that follows "his holiness" is telling, however, and the just plain down to earth nature of McCain and his campaign is catching on.

It's kind of like falling in love. At the beginning you can't stop looking into his or her eyes, your heart races, you are enthralled by every word coming out of their mouth and the sound of their voice because it's all so new, and interesting. You would cheerlead your mate to the end of the earth because you believe in them and they make you feel so, complete.

Somehow though, the pheromones wear off a bit over time and the cool way they looked in those jeans and the sound of their voice doesn't quite have the same effect anymore, perhaps overshadowed by the belching, snoring, and constant nagging they started to do after you spent more time together. You still care about them, maybe even still love them, but the halo they wore is gone and realism of life with this person sinks in.

This is where McCain wins. He's 71. He's nearly bald, and he's disabled from the torture he suffered at the hands of the North Vietnamese after five plus years in a prison camp. He's a brusque speaker who overuses the phrase, "my friends," too much. He's straight talk, love it or leave it, he's not pretentious or overly vague in trying to please everyone. He's REAL.

It has been my experience that most voters would rather know what a candidate stood for, and maybe not agree with all of it, but not risk surprise once that person is elected, than go for something warm, fuzzy, and non-concrete because the risk of the unknown is just not something the American people favor.

Are the voters in this country waking up? I think so. Do not let Nobama's honeymoon in Denver scare you. It's temporary and his last moment to bask in the sun. Fall is coming and with it, the seriousness of a fact laden decision for the American people. Yes, Obama still looks great in that suit, but it really is empty.

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