Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year and what about Iowa?

Happy new year and a shot of Nyquil to each and every one of you. Apologies for being away...the flu and holidays hit at the same time.

We just took our collective trip through Iowa and find Huckabee and Obama leading the pack on to New Hampshire. Does it mean anything? Nope. It's simply the first shot heard 'round the world and this thing is way too much of a free for all to be called. I expect this could be true until the conventions, but we'll see....

One interesting thing that came out of this to me was Fred Thompson basically tying McCain for third when his presence has been little seen or heard by cable or mainstream news agencies. Some I have watched are complaining they can't get Fred to come on. Contrast that to Mitt Romney's ten million dollar push that netted him a distant second to Huckabee and it just goes to prove to me how wild this thing is and will probably will continue to be.

What about that Hillary? Have to tell you guys, I have never been fond of the woman and I can not think of a worse first woman president for this country. I can't stand to hear her TALK. It's actually her voice, her cadence, her pitch. She's monotone and scripted. I don't feel as though she's a REAL person, but someone who has been programmed and plugged in. I know that is not actually the case, and people that are close to her say she is a caring, loving mother but to people who she is not personal with I find her wooden and impersonal. I was thrilled she dragged in at third.

So, that's my first of the year boost and now we're on to New Hampshire. I will be back more often now that the race is on...and I hope you are all having a great new year.

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