Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mitt's a Winner!!! Who's next???

Here we go again...so let's see, one for Huckabee, one for McCain, one for Romney...is it possible Thompson could take South Carolina and Rudy will win in Florida? This is great folks, a real live campaign season with no clear winner and we need to keep this going...all you Super Tuesday folks are really going to have the attention of the nation, and I suspect after that we will finally have a clear frontrunner, or at least a couple that stand out from the rest of the pack.

Now I will tell you right now, I am a Republican but I do not have a candidate right now. If anyone cares, I'll tell you a few things about them all that I think about at this point, so here goes

Rudy...loved you being strong in New York and your stand on being tough on terrorism and standing by America in her darkest days. If you can translate that into a national security policy and convince our allies that the United States will do what it needs to protect itself you're starting to reel me in. Stick with strict constructionist judges because I know that's the true extent of what a President can do on the issue of abortion and you will pull me in further. You told me in DC in November you'd do it...remind me.

Fred. Oh Fred...I saw you debating your compadres in South Carolina and you did a great job! You got me all excited about your positions and gave me hope that you would break out and show people who you were and what you are all about. Do you still have a shot? Sure...this particular cycle favors you because it seems that everyone gets a win and it will be awhile before the national frontfunner emerges, so keep it going and keep talking! Lower taxes, close the borders, strong national defense policy and fighting terrorism and the endorsement from the Right to Lifers and you really parallel my personal policies, but you've got to push, push, push!

Mitt. A fantastic success at most of what you have tried, with the possible exception of Massachusett's health care plan you enacted which might be a good thing. If you get in...don't do that again. As a businessman you know private enterprise should be handling our health insurance issues and our people will benefit most from that, not government health care. You're a family man, a pro life guy (and I have no problem with you having changed your mind on that over the years...it happens to a lot of us) and if you will listen to conservatives and swing this country back toward Reaganism you can take this thing. Congratulations on your win tonight.

Senator McCain, a brave, funny, wry war hero. A lifetime public servant. John, you could have had me, but the Gang of 14 and McCain/Feingold sent me running. Do NOT mess with my first amendment rights. And, you know what? I understand why you thought you needed to do it, because money can corrupt absolutely but in our system, it is also part of how we exercise our free speech rights and so I'd go with transparency. Take what you want from whomever you want but let everyone know you've done it. I will exercise my First Amendment right if you are the nominee...you may get my reluctant vote in the end, but you won't get a penny from me, since I don't think you want it anyway. Oh, the corruption...

Governor Huckabee. I've seen you speak in person and you are inspiring. Your personal accomplishments are many and I believe they have changed you and perhaps made you more bold and I like hearing what you have to say. Your record, however, is a bit more troubling; it's just not as conservative as I would need it to be come November. Then there's this tape I heard today on Michael Medved's show...what's this speech you gave where you said that maybe it was time we changed the Constitution to match God's plan? Whoa...I just jumped off any wagon train that was trailing behind you. Our founders were overwhelmingly God fearing men who absolutely knew the tyranny that came with State sponsored religion, and changing our Constitution to match what YOU think God wants would be just that...what about Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, etc....when do they get a turn to change the Constitution into what they think God wants? This was an extremely careless and ridiculous thing to say for a presidential candidate. Baptist Minister? Yeah, go ahead and say it, but then go back to being one, don't try to be my President.

Did I leave anyone out? Oh yes, Ron Paul. Mr. Paul, I actually do believe in some of your ideas, like abolishing the Department of Education...there are a lot of beautiful huge buildings in DC that would make great condos...so the libertarian part of me likes your policies in some areas. Your national security policy is the most naive I have ever heard. It's far too important. Your folks are excited, and great at fundraising...the only question I have is, where will the money go once you're out?

So, this is where I stand today...be on the lookout for video posts as this thing heats up. We're on to South Carolina!!!! And, don't worry about me trying to keep up, you know, I have just had so many opportunities in this country, (sniff, sniff...) and I just don't want to see it slide backward...(thanks Hil...will be looking for some more great material from you over the next few weeks...)

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